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ESSAY/ Maya Angelou

Adapting Leadership Style

This essay serves as the next section in your research paper and focuses on contingency leadership theories. In a 500- word essay, discuss how this leader adapts his or her leadership style to fit the situation or the people in a given situation. Incorporate the normative leadership theory in your discussion:

1. Review the normative leadership theory and models in your textbook. Based on your research, which of the five normative leadership styles best describes this leader’s preferred style? Explain.

2. Discuss a specific situation when the leader needed to adapt his or her leadership style to another of the five normative leadership styles (different from his or her preferred style). Discuss which “model questions” (pp. 128- 130) may have helped determine the appropriate leadership style for that situation, and explain why. Use at least one source from the library to support your rationale.

Remember to apply APA style to the essay. Add this to the assignment you completed in Unit III, save all of your work in one document, and submit it for grading in Blackboard. Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below. 

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