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Details: The course was divided into three parts. In part one, the content entailed the foundation of Texas government. Within part one, we discussed the culture of Texas politics and the constitution. In part two, we covered the 3 branches of government. Lastly, in part three, we discussed the outside influencers. These entities impact the political landscape on a variety of levels. Upon concluding this class, the purpose of this paper is to demonstrate your understanding of how Texas government really works.

General Requirements:

Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment:

  • A grading rubric will be used to grade the assignment. It is recommended that students review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment in order to become familiar with the assignment criteria and expectations for successful completion of the assignment.
  • The citation format is MLA or APA.
  • This assignment requires at least two creditable resource and two in-text citations. The textbook and supplemental readings qualify.
  • This paper will be ran through a plagiarism system so make sure to properly cite all direct and paraphrased sentences. If you plagiarize it is an automatic “0”. Plagiarism in this class is defined as a quote exceeding 15% overall and/or a matching statements of 100%.
  • The due date for the final paper is Friday, July 7th by 11:59pm. Upload your paper below.
  • 10 extra credit points will be award to learners who have their papers proofread by The Link.  To access The Link, click on Tutoring & Writing tab.  
  • The paper is worth 270 points.


The paper maximum is 10 pages (which only consist of the paper and not the title page and work cited), typed, double spaced with 12-font script. The font style should be Times New Romans. Insert into MS Word application. Include the following content in the paper.

  • Define the term political culture. Discuss the subcultures that shape Texas' political culture and discuss how the political culture impacts Texas politics. Provide an example that explains your answer.
  • Discuss the 3 branches of government. The required content include specifying the functions of each branch and how they check and balance each other. Discuss key positions in each branch of government along with the qualifications candidates must have to assume the position and terms in the office. Hint: For the congress, discuss both chambers. For the executive branch, elaborate on the governor, Lt. governor and briefly discuss the plural executives. For the judicial branch, briefly discuss the tiers and their overall function.
  • Define redistricting and gerrymandering. What is the difference between the two? After reading chapter 4 and the articles on gerrymandering, provide example(s) of districts that are gerrymandered in Texas. What impact did these gerrymandered districts have on the election process for 2012?
  • Discuss all three outside influencers - political parties, interest groups and the media. How does all three of these entities impact Texas government? Discuss both the negative and positive impacts. What are the roles of all three entities?
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