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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Measures to avoid the collapse of Jarvis construction. It needs to be at least 1000 words.Download file to see previous pages... Jarvis Constructio

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Measures to avoid the collapse of Jarvis construction. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

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Jarvis Construction Company could have avoided collapse by ensuring an intensive analysis of the environment prior to formulating strategies. This should have been followed by a clear plan of implementation to ensure the mission of the construction firm remains on track (Adamson and Pollington, 23). Organizational strategic management demands that a company must remain in control of its strategies of operations. Jarvis construction lacked extensive external analysis in the United Kingdom construction industry. This caused the management to squander the opportunities available within the construction market. The conflict between price water house coopers and Jarvis was an early indicator of strategic collapse of weakening. The management of the company failed to appreciate the fact that strategies are not always implemented exactly as planned (Radosavljevic and Bennett, 19). Strategic organizational management in the construction industry demands flexibility depending on the market pressures and the need to retain competitive advantage. The unforeseen environmental events affected the performance of the company adversely (Adamson and Pollington, 23). This could have been avoided by appreciating the gap between the strategies which are intended and those realised. The invariable changes in the course of implementation lead to profit warnings and inevitable losses. The management needed to have a constant strategic action with is dynamic and responsive to market pressures. The management of Jarvis Company could have invested in skilled and analytical thinkers. The training of personnel capable to digesting data and bring out the desired direction. The first change in the construction and the rising competition was not addressed in time. The failure of the company to adapt to the environmental influences has a profound effect on the firm (Radosavljevic and Bennett, 19). The management of the company needed to utilize industrial organization to ensure that the industry maximized its competencies and resources (Adamson and Pollington, 23). This would have course Jarvis Construction Company to influence the strategies of the rival companies or even alter the industrial structure in the United Kingdom. An analysis of the operations shows that Jarvis Construction Company lacked a distinctive competence despite the strong reputation and decades of experience, the construction giant succumbed to the gradual market pressure which can be attributed to lack of operating strategy. The value of the company continued to fall (Radosavljevic and Bennett, 19). The management of Jarvis Construction Company failed to enhance its tangible and intangible assets. These included information, equipment, capital and knowledge. The management of the Jarvis admitted failure in delivery of quality services of London-Glasgow express. This could have been avoided by ensuring that the operational strategy is run effectively and effectively. The risk management strategy of the company needed to be reinvented to address the current threats to within the construction industry (Adamson and Pollington, 23). This is evidenced the results of the Potters Bar crash in Hertfordshire in 2002. The company needed to invest in sustained competitive advantage through excellence in service delivery. Systematic and comprehensive financial strategies could have been used to ensure the company avoided a financial meltdown. The financial advisers of Jarvis Construction Company should have helped the company to capitalize of the favorable market situations.

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