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Hi, I need help with essay on Salem co-operative education application. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!(Please note: bullet points are acceptable and, although, you are

Hi, I need help with essay on Salem co-operative education application. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

(Please note: bullet points are acceptable and, although, you are required to write no more than ONE page, you are encouraged to submit relevant documents, such as organisational charts.If your employer has a website please include the URL. reference the source of your information. Brand House Advertising Services started its operations in the summer of 1992. They offered services related to large format specialized printing of traditional and new media designs. The company has an expertise and experience in delivering quality printing that is way beyond the expectation of the clients. The number of employees working in the organization is less than 30. The company uses both modern technology and recent trends in creative and printing advertisements that helps in managing, creating and evolving as a part of a creative office that caters to the various advertising needs of the clients. Through utmost dedication, magnificent process and extreme hard work the company is able to create and maintain clear channels of communication for their customers. The main objective of the company is irrespective of what they are developing, a new product or creating a new identity for the brand within the existing guidelines, the company follows a well planned and designed development procedure that would help in placing it much more above the competitors existing in its area of activity. This helps the company in exhibiting their commitment towards the customers and the business. The main strategy of the Brand House Advertising Services is to gain a clear insight about the clients regarding what are they doing, who are their clients and what products and services are they offering to the target market so that accordingly Brand House can plan for the customers. Brand House provides advice to their clients regarding choosing of a most suitable medium of advertising that would create maximum impact on the customers. Since it is a private organization the turnover is kept secret. 3. Your Position Description Job Title: Administrative Coordinator Workplace Supervisor: Naif M. Alsuba EITHER Submit a copy of your official company Position Description. Or If you don’t have a Position Description Complete the AUT Business Co-operative Education Placement Position Description. You will need to source the information to complete this position description from your Employer Organisation. Description of the Position My role as an Administrative Coordinator is to coordinate the office procedures and operations and provide extensive support to the Administrative team. My job responsibilities also includes implementation administrative and office procedures and policies that includes maintaining correct records related to various office processes and coordinating various office supplies and operating system. The main responsibility includes extensive administrative support to the administrative team. CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION PLACEMENT: Brand House Advertising Service Company REPORTS TO: Naif M. Alsuba STARTING DATE: 10th of Aug 2013 CLOSING DATE: 10th of Nov 2013 The purpose of this position is: Taking dictation and writing correspondence Reading and screening correspondence Receiving and screening callers and visitors Coordinating the executive's calendar, schedule and itinerary Making travel arrangements Prioritizing and referring information appropriately Producing documents, charts and presentations Editing documents and preparing them for executive approval Maintaining

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