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Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic The Novel Sons and Lovers by D.H. Lawrence.Download file to see previous pages... The character of Paul Morel, the protagonist of the novel is a huge

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic The Novel Sons and Lovers by D.H. Lawrence.

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The character of Paul Morel, the protagonist of the novel is a huge platform where Lawrence profoundly expressed conventional and unconventional traits of human nature side by side. In “The Selected Letters of D. H. Lawrence” one can find the expression of abnormalities expressed in the character portrayal of Paul Morel due to his abnormal behavior with his mother. The relationship and the unsaid and unknown bond that Paul and his mother shares in the novel, “Sons and Lovers” is both filial and maternal which are quite unlikely in the natural and normal relationships. The essay intends to explore and express the subtle unconventionality and intricacies with which the character of Paul Morel is framed. The novel “Sons and Lovers” is a culmination of fiction with shades of autobiography and for the sake of fiction. hues of unconventionality are incorporated into the character of the protagonist, Paul Morel. Paul Morel is the protagonist of the masterpiece, bearing the title “Sons and lovers” and there is no harm to state that the entire novel actually centers around the trajectory of his life and his relationship with other characters in the novel with which he shares different relationships. In other words, the novel is a story of Paul’s quest as a young artist and his crest and falls throughout. After following the trajectory of Paul Morel, from his infancy to his early twenties, the readers would launch into a very unordinary situation where Paul’s relationship with his mother is at a platform where it seems to get increased with his devotion towards his mother. Paul’s quest as a young artist and his love, care and devotion to his mother are inseparable. He confides everything in her. Paul paints to please his mother, sacrifices his long drawn platonic love for Miriam and nurses his mother as he dies. This trait in his character is quite out of place. To trace this unnatural behavior one needs to delve deep into the seed of the problem which is captivated by the pages of the novel as an event that is pre-cognitive in nature. In other words, the unnatural aspect of this mother-son relationship starts before the birth of Paul. Paul’s mother, Gertrude Morel lives a very unhappy marriage with Walter Morel, who is Paul’s father. As a result of this unhappy union, Gertrude redirects all her time, energy and passion towards her children. She is almost obsessed with them and at the very outset of the novel. the readers encounter such obsession with her first son, William. The sudden death of William makes her more possessed with her children and slowly she focuses all her attention towards Paul. She almost lives through him as Gertrude feels as a natural intellectual that society limits the scope and opportunities for women. Paul’s bad relationship with his father and extreme dependence on his mother led him to an obsessed relationship with his mother. Paul had come across two women in his life. His first love is Miriam Liver who stays at a distance from the farm where Paul stayed with his mother. They had a long relationship but based on the concepts of platonic ideals of love. Miriam is too sacrificial in nature.&nbsp.

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