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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Can Military Service Benefit From Females.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Can Military Service Benefit From Females. Some even argue that women are more capable of men in certain aspects which are required in the posts of the military. On the other hand arguments against the participation are also strong which state that females can only provide the hindrance to a joined military action of men. These women are not capable enough as argued by the opponents. Females generally have assumed many roles which previously were designated for men only but the military remains one of the sectors where the number of females is still minimal (Harrell et al 1997. Helen 2008).

The role of women in the military can be traced back to the times of Joan of Arc in the 15th century. She played the role of a successful leader to lead French troops in a battle against Englishmen. However, even after her triumph, the role of women in the military was not considerable enough as they were believed to be inferior when compared with males (Mimi 1994). The proponents of women participation argue that military can greatly benefit from the participation of these women. They argue that women can benefit the military by playing an important role in combats. Here they give examples of woman soldiers who have served in the military effectively and efficiently. A military can benefit greatly from the combat of women soldiers as they can fight efficiently like men. Similarly, with population profiles, it was seen that finding men for military became difficult and thus the military had to rely on women. Women part a great part of the entire population of this world and this can be a very good reason to enrol women in the military. Women can form a great part of the military if they are allowed to join the military. Perhaps the proponents argue that women should be encouraged to join the military so that they can help to increase the strength of the military. The capability of men and women are alike as put by Plato and thus women have all the rights to join military like men.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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