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Hi, need to submit a 2250 words paper on the topic An Exploration of a Troubling Trend Manifesting Itself in Social Media.

Hi, need to submit a 2250 words paper on the topic An Exploration of a Troubling Trend Manifesting Itself in Social Media. For purposes of this particular research, it will be understood and assumed that the size and reach of such alternative forms of marketing are perhaps broader than any other form of advertising that has thus far been utilized.&nbsp. Further, the utmost importance of this will be discussed about the so called "thinspiration" advertisements that seemingly permeate cyberspace and specifically social media advertising.&nbsp.

The trend itself is troubling due to the ultimate audience that social media engenders and the ease of entry and exit for many of the firms that seek to advertise their products to those who utilize social media.&nbsp. Whereas more traditional forms of advertising such as radio, TV, or newspaper will yield a certain level of demographic customization, they are still targeted to a broad market audience (Thinspiration 17).&nbsp. Comparatively, how critical demographic data can be gleaned from the individual habits, viewing preferences, and other indicators that a social media user may indicate, the level to which particular and tailored ads, such as what this analysis will term "thinspiration" ads, can be integrated with a specific user is infinitely higher and more precise than the more traditional advertisements which have previously been mentioned.&nbsp. This level of customization and specific audience targeting is troubling in several ways.

The first reason this is troubling is that many individuals who are emotionally and psychologically insecure and a significant number of young men and women who are most at risk for bulimia and anorexia are ultimately one of the core demographics represented within social media.&nbsp. As such, this author will categorize those individuals under the age of 25 as most sensitive to the suggestions of such advertisements regarding their overall attractiveness and body image.&nbsp. Without delving too deeply into the psychological reasons for this, the reader can safely assume that due to another fact that a considerable percentage of these individuals are unmarried and seeking to present a positive body image to the world in which they interact, they are highly attuned to the suggestions of the media as well as advertisers with regards to what they should ultimately look like.

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