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Hi, need to submit a 2500 words essay on the topic History and trends in counseling.Download file to see previous pages... This paper will show more aspects related to the topic of career counseling a

Hi, need to submit a 2500 words essay on the topic History and trends in counseling.

Download file to see previous pages...

This paper will show more aspects related to the topic of career counseling and have a personal reflection which is purely based upon the personal experience about the topic. Introduction Counseling is a wide-ranging profession which deals with many of its types. Counseling meets all the standards for a profession and has done so for a significant period of time. The profession of counseling is an only profession of its kind which is well connected with the thoughts of a person and other mental health disciplines. A counselor deals with one’s mental condition by analyzing its stress level and at times its history. The profession of counseling has made a lot of growth in many of its branches and it helps in providing the remediation over the course of a life span. A counselor can work in various areas of life of his counselee, such as it can be done in the childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and older adulthood. A counselor is a person specialized in his work and works within the rules of counseling profession. Counseling profession is specially designed on purpose of helping individuals, couples after their marriage, groups as in group counseling, families, and social systems (such as career counseling, addiction counseling, etc) just to sort out the problems associated with general people. These problems may be situational, developmental, and long-term or short-term problems, and counselor’s aim is to help people in getting rid of their problems although it takes some time and demands patience as counseling itself is a long-life procedure to go. The hub of this profession is to focus on the development of one’s personality by preventing him from wellness and giving reliable treatment which makes it attractive to those seeking healthy life-stage transitions and productive lives. Therefore, it is a good deal to know about the history of counseling field. Definition of Counseling Counseling is an accepted profession in which a specialized person listened to others problems and stories with keen interest and helps them in solving that problem and overcoming that situation after understanding their mental thoughts. Counselor, within the rules of counseling profession, is liable to provide a sense of decision-making to his client (McLeod, 2009). History of Counseling The history of counseling profession is not that old and it is a new profession (Aubrey, 1977, 1982). The main development in this field was started in 1890s and 1900s. “Some of the functions of counselors were and are shared by persons in other professions” (Herr &amp. Fabian, 1993, p. 3). From 1900 to 1909, the basic development in counseling occurs when three persons worked for its development and they are still known as the “leaders in counseling’s development”. These are: Frank Parsons, Jesse B. Davis, and Clifford Beers. Each of them has given a great contribution to this field as Frank’s book “Choosing a Vocation (1909)” did. In that era, Jesse B. Davis was the first person who introduced a guideline program in the general public and in schools (Aubrey, 1977. Brewer, 1942). Like other two, Clifford Beers also wrote a great book which was the best seller in 1910s. the book was published in 1908 with a title “A Mind that found itself.” Clifford Beers was a well known student of Yale University and he was hospitalized many times for being depressed and taking much stress.

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