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How do a parameter and a statistic differ, statistics homework help

1. Statistical literacy and critical thinking

1)How do a parameter and a statistic differ? 

2)How do quantitative data and categorical data differ?

3)How do discrete data and continuous data differ?

4)45% is a _____ (since it is a characteristic of a sample). All the Surveyed executives contain a ____. Implications of the survey ______

2. In exercise 13-20, determining whether the values are from a discrete or continuous data set. 

14.Poll results:.

16Coke volume: 

18.Blood pressure of 61mm Hg 

20. Car cylinders 

3. In exercise 21-28, which of the four levels of measurement (nominal, ordinal, ratio, and interval) is most appropriate:

24Types of movies: 

26Accrual temperatures: 

27Measured amounts of greenhouse gases: 

28Ranks of cars evaluated by consumers union: 

4. In exercise 29-32, Identify the (a) sample and (b) population and determine whether the sample is likely to be a representative of the population:

30. Cloning survey: 1012 is the____ and the ______is “adults”. Since the sample is obtained through simple random sampling, it is likely to represent the whole population

32.AOL survey: 33,160 is the _____. Volkswagen’s’ slogan was the ______ In this case, the sample is not likely to represent the whole population

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