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HRM 600 Week 5-Module 3&4

This file of HRM 600 Week 5 - Module 3&4 includes:

Module 3. Training & Development

Teams will review how training and development are conducted in the US. Students should not limit their search to traditional educational methods (also consider online training, webinars, focused off-site training, etc). Many companies see training as optional --so this is one of the areas where budget cuts are typically seen. As such, your research should include in-depth cost analysis of training (basic HR training on Sexual Harassment for example) and a review of the benefits of the selected training. Further, your team will look into best practices for Training- methods, cost saving tips and new techniques are all key areas for review. Your module will culminate in a list of recommendations on training methods H20 should consider and methods that should be avoided.

a. Review of T&D purpose and strategic alignment with organizationb. Cost analysis of training program (in house vs. consultant)c. Best practices for T&D at 3-5 US Companiesd. Recommended T&D programs for H20

Module 4. OutsourcingIn your assessment of outsourcing each team should take stock of the HR functions which Can be outsourced. This section of the paper should provide a clear picture of the costs and savings associated with outsourcing.

a. Overview of HR functions which could be outsourced. Take into consideration all HR areas such as recruitment, benefits, payroll, compliance, workers compensation,exit processes, legal, tax, expatriationb. Benefit of outsourcing said functionsc. Costs/Savings associated with outsourcingd. Best practices from 3-5 organizationse. Key action Items and recommendations for H20 for outsourcing

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