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Human Resources Final Paper

The name of the organization is Wal-mart

For the first section of your Final Paper, you will identify and analyze five key steps you believe are necessary to create an assessment process and establish a sequenced flow. This should demonstrate your understanding of how organizational capacity is built and managed.

This should be 7 pages

 Referring to the “how to” link (http://www.brighthubpm.com/methods-strategies/76008-looking-for-gaps-walking-through-a-sample-analysis/), conduct a gap analysis as part of the process employed in determining what the organization is missing in building capacity and agility internally.

As you write Section 2 of your Final Paper, consider the variables that influence organizational capacity, and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing, alliances, and partnerships in building organizational agility and capacity. As you evaluate potential models of partnerships and alliances for your chosen organization, note the variables that impact and influence them (e.g., size, culture, or mission). Acknowledge other models HR professionals use in assessing different types of business partnerships and evaluating opportunities to create organizational leverage. (7 pages)

 In preparation, you will create an annotated Bibliography of 20+ reputable, relevant, and current resources related to your Final Paper. For each entry, be sure to do the following:

Include the full APA citation.

Discuss the scope, purpose, and philosophical approach or methodology of the resource.

Relate the resource to the body of resources you have consulted thus far in this seminar.

Evaluate both the limitations of, and the opportunities for, further inquiry.

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