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Hypothesis Testing, statistics homework help

Hypothesis testing is a pivotal concept in statistics. Hypothesis test is most commonly used when one is attempting to decide the likelihood of something being true within a population or group. Though there is a variance in the ways in which hypothesis testing can be applied ranging from medical studies to advertisements, the steps involved in the process remain constant.After reviewing the readings for this week, describe a situation in which you thought about the value of a measurement and stated a conclusion about the likelihood of that that being true (i.e. Does Dominos pizza really deliver a pizza in 30 minutes or less?). A Here’s a link to for additional information on Domino’s Pizza’s 30 minute delivery promise http://www.dominos.co.in/hot-pizza-30-minutes-delivery-guarantee-at-dominos-get-pizza-hot. After your question has been scoped, outline how you would use the steps of hypothesis testing to answer your question?

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