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I need help with Organizational Dynamics paper

Part 1: Revise Applied Summary Project Parts 1-3 after receiving instructor feedback and corrections.

Part 2: “Biblical Analysis of the Models of Organizational Behavior”Craft a final section to be added to your Applied Summary Project. This section should be 4-6 pages in length. For each of the following questions, support your answer with Scripture, the course text, supplemental course material, and/or outside sources.

  1. Creation: From a biblical perspective, what about each of the five models is good? Are there aspects that reflect something that can be affirmed biblically? Are there things that reflect God’s leadership in Scripture? God’s character?
  2. Fall: From a biblical perspective, what about each of the five models is a result of the fall? Are there aspects that are a distortion of what is good? Are there attributes of each model that are in opposition to the leadership and characteristics of God?
  3. Redemption: From a biblical perspective, which of the five models is the most desirable? Which could promote the most Christ-like work environment?

In total, the Final Applied Summary Project should be 11-16 pages in length and adhere to typical APA style and formatting (double spacing, proper APA citations, etc.).

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