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I need some assistance with these assignment. antivirus software Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. antivirus software Thank you in advance for the help! Virus attacks are not limited to personal computers. Mobile phones and computers used by organizations are equally at risk of being attacked by viruses. When viruses attack organizations such as banks, they are at great risk of exposing their clients to identity theft, illegal funds transfers, and theft of vital information that may be used to commit other crimes. It is for this reason that banks and other organisations act promptly whenever they discover that their computer systems are under attack by viruses. As an example, the Wyoming Bank had to change its security software owing to the threat of a virus attack as noted by Crosman (2013).

Antivirus software stores and maintains a database of what is called signatures of viruses. A signature is the portion of a code that is used to identify a virus. The database is constantly updated over the internet to make sure that the information on viruses is up-to-date. When a scan is performed, the antivirus lines up all files in the specified location against the information in the database. If a file is found to be infected it is placed under quarantine which renders it useless unless a specific task is performed on it. A good antivirus is also proactive as it scans certain parts of the computer such as Internet files, downloads, core operating system files as these are the most vulnerable, to see fit there exist any suspicious files. It also notifies against suspicious activities such as a program trying to access the internet without permission (Anselmo 2014).

There are three major benefits of antivirus software, these include protection from viruses. protection from spyware and identity theft. and protection from spam. Viruses are famous for causing damages to computers. There are different types of viruses and each has a way of causing damage to a computer. Though one may assume to know better not to visit dangerous sites, hackers have advanced in creating trickier viruses daily.

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