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I need some assistance with these assignment. how could the musicians in america save their communities morals Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. how could the musicians in america save their communities morals Thank you in advance for the help! Censorship in music would also assist in reducing the issue of negative stereotyping within American society. This stereotyping may, in turn, bring harm to the company as some of the themes being advocated for are immoral (Semonche, 2007). For example, rock and rap stars within America have, in the past, been accused of reaffirming violent and wife battery stereotypes that have been replicated mainly by their fans (Drewett, 2006). The use of an efficient legal system and stringent laws by the federal government would enable their musicians to avoid negative stereotyping.

If America had an effective legal system that included stringent laws against censoring music, the musicians in the Country would save their communities morals and their money by helping their government through the provision of finances to enable them to perform their ethical obligations (Nuzum, 2001). This is mainly because the censorship of vulgar and obscene languages within the government's music industry would greatly help deter corruption among young children (Drewett, 2006). According to reports, young children are more easily influenced by immoral lyrics or misinterpreting them. Many of them may not have the ability to differentiate between fantasies and what is happening in reality, thereby deterring their focus in their academic and social activities (Nuzum, 2001).

The musicians in America can save their community's morals and money through the censorship enforced by their legal system and stringent laws by limiting the intolerance present among the Country's youth (Johnson & Cloonan, 2009). This is because some of the musical lyrics that the children get exposed to usually display disrespect to specific individuals and groups within their society. Such actions may result in the denial of opportunities to these groups and individuals, thereby denying their economy the chance of benefiting from their activities through the taxes they might collect (Drewett, 2006). The implementation of stringent laws and an efficient law system may increase profits for musicians and other dealers who sell music. Through censorship, the musician may be able to get to a wide variety of audiences and appeal to different individuals who were previously no aware of their music. The censorship of music by musicians in America may additionally help in improving the nation's security, regulate obscenity, child pornography, and hate speech while at the same time protecting the children.&nbsp.

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