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I will pay for the following article Camping out. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

I will pay for the following article Camping out. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Camping Out Camping out by Ernest Hemingway, explains the survival antics one needs to have in order to survive in the outdoors. The outdoor provides an assortment of activities, but not everyone can cope. The different activities include fishing, gathering wild fruits and eating in environmental unfriendly conditions. These activities come with challenges, when people go out on camps they should anticipate to being attacked by mosquitoes. they might also end up in fly infested areas. It is thus obligatory for the individuals going out on camps to be up to the challenge. Camping may be sturdy or even impracticable, but this should not be the issue, it should be fun and enjoyable. Going on audacious activities, discovering nature, all these can be attained in camping only if a person goes camping with the right mind. There is no hot shower in camps. one has to bathe in rivers, lakes and any other alternative. When one thinks about camping, he or she should think of both the affirmative and the downbeat sides.

The activities in camping, which are fishing and gathering wild fruits are quite audacious. These can be the healthiest foods one takes in the span of a year. Contrast these foods with the canned foods people carry when going camping. The canned foods do not have nutrients they are just like junk food, but the fish and the wild fruits are fresh and have many nutrients. These activities should not be tough on a person. Someone should do them as fun activities, by doing so they become fun, and the activities make people appreciate nature. People should stop living on their placate zone, by allowing themselves to be adventurous. An example is Earnest’s statement that any man of average office intelligence can make at least as good a pie as his wife (Thurston 201).

The challenges that people face when going out on camps should add fun to their activities. Being attacked by mosquitoes and bugs and even camping in flies infested areas should be thrilling. This sounds sickening and horrendous, but why should a person go camping if he or she will not be able to stand these challenges. The presence of insects is because. most of camping activities take place in forests and sometimes on top of hills and mountains. When the activities take place in the forest, it is expectable to find insects like flies, because this is where they cohabit.

Camping is tough and sometimes the activities look unattainable. These activities serve to make going out on camps gratifying and fulfilling. There is no need of going out on a camp when someone knows there will be no survival challenges. When people lack access to hot showers, steamed, processed foods, and have to do with the foods that nature provides they learn to appreciate nature more. Sometimes people take things for granted and to go out on camps makes it to be clear that even the tiniest ant on earth is essential.


It is not possible for someone to appreciate nature without seeing for a fact what nature has to proffer. Going out on camps makes people know what nature supports. It also makes people realize their survival antics. Some people tend to be comfortable with what their possessions that they never stop to think for s fact how their life would be without these luxuries. Going out on camps makes people to be appreciative, and it puts them in the shoes of people who survive without the luxuries.

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