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I will pay for the following article Selecting venuse for an academic conference. The work is to be 11 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

I will pay for the following article Selecting venuse for an academic conference. The work is to be 11 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. On the average these facilities range from three star, to five star facilities with regards to the kind and class of service provided (Van-der Wagen, 2006). The major distinctions of these facilities are mainly in line with their physical locations in relation to some of Central London’s attractions, airports, train stations, and other facilities that might attract the guests who attend the conference. Specific considerations that were factored in this selection process included the distance from major airports and train stations. This was important since the one-day event relied heavily on punctuality. Central London Famous Facilities Many conference facilities in Central London have suited their conference spaces with the architectural flexibility that allows both small and large conferences. Some of these facilities are complete with break out rooms, state of the art audio visual systems, and lecture theatres. The variations across many of these hotels and guest house are mainly in form of style and incentives. The academic conference was tailored on a cost-effective system that would allow the guests to enjoy quality catering of simple but sumptuous buffets. In this process ten facilities were considered so that the best three facilities were arrived at after competitive bidding. The sampled facilities included The Cinnamon Club, The British Academy, The UK Supreme Court, the Grange Rochester Hotel, the 8 Northumberland, Royal Institute of British Architects, the Number 45 Millbank, the 116 Pallmall- Home of the Institute of Directors, the One Great George Street, and the Bafta. These facilities are situated close to some of the grand attractions such as the West Minster’s Abbey and other historical and aesthetical delights of Central London. The academic conference selection was arrived at through a delicate consideration system that sought a balance between the proximity of the heart of Central London versus the need for the most serene and quiet environment that would align well with the demands of an academic gathering. The most ideal location therefore was made in according with the distance away from the bustle of the city, low industrial noise, and the cacophony of heavy London traffic. After a general assessment was done three facilities out of the mentioned ten passed the threshold for utility and convenience because of some of their unique features and flexibility in their pricing regimes. These were The Cinnamon Club, The British Academy, and Central Hall Westminster. The Cinnamon Club The Cinnamon Club has an ambience suitable for academic conferencing. Its conference room is spacious and fitted with state of the art audio visual. The conference rooms are partitioned according to the specifics of utility. They are mainly in the form of executive, leisure, and academic. The executive sections are made up with the oak paneled facilities that vibrate with the rhythm of class and elegance. The furniture and sitting arrangement in the conference room are ordered in a classroom or theater fashion of rows and columns which gives the participants in the conference a comfortable view without any physical strains. The facility is a stunning architectural marvel situated on central London Avenue.

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