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I will pay for the following essay Customer analysis. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.The hotel management has had discussions and is

I will pay for the following essay Customer analysis. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

The hotel management has had discussions and is continuing to conduct further discussions with the event planners, especially the wedding planners from the Indian community in order to expand its customer base. It will also conduct road shows and take part in wedding conventions to promote and create awareness of their products. This region is projected to account for over a third of the hotel’s revenue in Singapore. Primary targets of MBS include Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam (Majumder, 2010). According to Tanasijevich (2011), Malaysia is expected to produce 10 percent same as Thailand and Indonesia while 8 percent is expected from Vietnam. China, on the other hand, accounts for 6 percent of the Marina Bay Sands business. The hotel has an advantage with respect to its location at the centre of the city. The hotel’s operations are expected to be consistent with minor variations in the number of customers during weekdays and weekends during which customers spend their leisure time. There is also another market that Marina Bay Sands is eyeing, that is the Middle East. Marina Bay Sands is expecting to be flying customers between Singapore and Middle East. The need of Singapore to enhance tourism in their country through promoting MICE business and increasing family entertainment opened a vast gaming market for Marina Bay Sands which falls into their target market. This gaming market is described as more aggressive and large. therefore, Marina Bay Sands is extending liable gaming training to everyone so that the gaming evolution is understood to enhance understanding of this service. The Marina Bay Sands management explains that the casino gaming business is a principal target market in the early years. This is because it is expected to significantly surpass the MICE and room business before levelling up in the long term (Chiang, 2010). Chiang (2010) says that Marina Bay Sands also targets local and regional markets of music lovers, anime enthusiasts and aspiring artists to stage their creative work by sponsoring events such as SAAP Singapore and Anime Festival Asia. It has something for everybody such as a big swimming pool that outsizes a football field, shops, fast food and restaurant, nightclubs and lounges. In terms of demographics Marina Bay Sands is targeting almost equally with respect to gender where expected male market is 51 percent as compared to 49 percent of the female market. The hotel has also targeted the middle aged population ranging from 25 to 55 years expected to have a percentage of 66% while that of below 25 years being 20% and the remaining 14% is expected to be older people aged above 55 years. Couples without children are expected to outnumber those who have children in their households by 65% to 35% respectively. Caucasians are expected to dominate the customer base by 71 percent followed by Asian ethnicity at 11 percent. People with income below USD50000 are expected to be fewer i.e. 16% as compared to those earning above USD 50000 at intervals of USD 50000 having a small difference not exceeding 2% (Pdlangen, 2010). The high demand and Controlled supply of gaming when merged with the design of Marina Bay Sands makes the hotel to stand a chance of being the most Profitable casino in the region and the world at large. This is because each

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