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I will pay for the following essay How is professional identity being conceptualised and related to leisure management practice. The essay is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text cit

I will pay for the following essay How is professional identity being conceptualised and related to leisure management practice. The essay is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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Individual must develop the understanding regarding their specific role in their profession, which is termed as “professional identity” (PROFESSIONAL IDENTITIES, 2012). Leisure management prepares individual for the challenges they will be facing in their professional world. The relevant skill that must be possessed by the manger is outlined and then the individual is made to understand the importance of those skills on professional level. Leisure management starts with defining the foundation of competency based theories related to management. In leisure management the individuals are explained that how the specific professional role they’ll be performing will affect their organization and customers. Specific management areas such as marketing, human resource, communication, employee development, etc. are also discussed in leisure management (HURD, 2008). Both these discipline are said to be interrelated from psychological aspect. The interdependency of both the discipline can be proved. Both these aspects highlight the roles and the skills that are necessary for the individuals in their professional life. Relevant literature is present on this topic which gives evidence regarding the interdependence of both these topics. Terminological development Professional identity Professional identity can be defined as the acquisition of new role by an individual. The concepts of professional identity can be related to social context. It can be defined as a systematic way in which an individual organizes, evaluate and identifies the perception about itself. The way an individual interacts with its work group differentiates him from other groups. Professional identity helps in the acquisition of the realistic view about their profession. Professional identity helps the individual to evaluate the present alternatives and defines certain strategies and goals. Students are said to be the active participants of professional identity (JACKSON, 2013). According to the social identity theory, the behavior of one professional towards the other depends on the strength and relevance of the social identity of that person. Nonverbal and verbal communication which prevails in the professional environment is an important way for the individuals to socialize within their work environment. At the initial stage of their profession the individuals develop certain responsibilities about their profession and their roles. When the individual gets engaged in contradictory or ambiguous situation, they get engaged in self questioning as well as self-reflection of oneself as a result of which the personality of the individual may be reshaped. The construction of national identity takes place through discourse between the individuals. Leisure management practice Leisure management practice involves challenges that will be faced by the individual as recreational managers. There is a need of building certain competencies in the individual which will relate to their professional roles. These competencies can be built in an individual by encouraging them to think as managers. Activities and texts can be used as source of building competencies in an individual regarding their specific profession. In leisure management practice the individual learns that how can their role as mangers may affect their firms and customers. Several areas of management are the focus of study of this process.

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