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I will pay for the following essay MIS paper: CRM (Customer relationship management). The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Download file t

I will pay for the following essay MIS paper: CRM (Customer relationship management). The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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The three types of CRM which companies may use to maintain a good relationship with customers are: operational CRM, collaborative CRM and analytical CRM. Operational CRM ensures that there is a direct interaction between the company and the customers (Lambert &amp. Supply Chain Management Institute, 2008). Analytical CRM helps the company to analyse the CRM strategies to determine how the company can effectively manage sales, services and marketing activities. Finally, collaborative CRM enables communication within the company’s CRM environment. This paper will analyse the CRM of two competing companies in the international market. These are: Best Buy and RadioShack. Both of these companies are retail companies selling electronic and electrical products and services mainly online to various customers in the world. They act more like agencies by linking producers to consumers through effective internet marketing. In both companies, customers shop for products online and make online orders which are then processed and shipped by the company to the convenient location of the customer. The products handled by both companies are electronics such as computers, mobile phones, cameras, music instruments, video games and toys among others. Customer relationship management activities are evident from the websites of the two companies. Each of the companies uses its own customer relationship approach so to win and retain customers. This paper will identify various customer related activities which constitute an effective CRM from the websites of the two companies. It will also find out the effective e-commerce and CRM strategies and applications utilized on the company’s website. 2. Customer Related activities 2.1. Best Buy The main focus of Best Buy in its relationship with customers is the shopping experience and satisfaction of customers through such strategies as pricing and quality of products. The company seeks to satisfy the needs of the company by ensuring that they supply the right quality products to the customers at the right time and place. Focusing more on the product has become the main focus of the company in attracting new customers and maintaining the existing ones. The company’s website provides an individualized service where the company learns how the customers define the quality of their products and services. This enables the company to customize their product, services and pricing through a collaborative mechanism (Li, 2007). This system is enabled by an effective CRM system which enables the customers to acquire information from the website concerning the company’s products and services and give a feedback which can be used by the company to offer the best quality and prices as desired by the customers. Apart from the product improvements, another customer related activity practiced by the company is customer service and support. The company provides customers with 24/7 customer service support. This enables them to get the information, services and products they need any time. Whenever a customer wishes to make enquiries or request for a product, he/she gets an opportunity to log into the company’s website and get the customer services he/she wants.

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