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I will pay for the following essay Service management marketing. The essay is to be 15 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Download file to see previous pages

I will pay for the following essay Service management marketing. The essay is to be 15 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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The nature of the relationship between each service-oriented facility and the end consumer is based on separate transactions that can occur continuously, that is, a client can buy or sell an item through EBay and Amazon at any time, but each physical sales transaction is a singular event.

The benefits of EBay and Amazon to sellers are global recognition and ease of use. Each service allows any retailer or private party to advertise their product via the Internet, and so each product has the potential of reaching millions of viewers internationally. The service encounter is fairly well-received, although due to the direct nature, a person may experience difficulties with a particular seller or buyer. The service facilities of both EBay and Amazon are Internet based E-commerce. Service interaction is mainly the computer interface, although this can also be done by cellular phone, PDA, and any other medium of connecting to the Internet. The role of customers in EBay and Amazon is highly imperative to the service. Each customer can be defined as a buyer or seller of a product, and in turn these people can review and leave feedback for interactions of other buyers and sellers of products. Direct contact with EBay and Amazon is rare in the person to person domain. however, both companies have continuous updates, newsletters, service additions, and so forth that are centered on improving the customer experience. The concern is that these communications are largely one-way, contact with EBay and Amazon disseminates from EBay or Amazon, and not from the customer.

Demand for EBay services is high. Recently, Bob Swan CFO of EBay announced at the at Merrill Lynch Internet, Software &amp. Services Conference that:

the biggest piece of it [EBay] is the large and growing core business, or the eBay platform. With a global presence in 33 markets, transacting $1,800 of goods per day, with over -- I'm sorry -- per second -- with over 6.6 million new listings added per day, and 45,000 developers leveraging our APIs, we've grown from over 222 million users on this site as we exit 2006. And we've processed $52 billion of global merchandise value on the site during the course of 2006, as a whole (Fair Disclosure Wire pp 7 2007).

Amazon has similar consumer demand structure, with 9.7 billion dollars in annual revenue, but where EBay applies a global presents, multi-functional consumerism and value strategy, Amazon appeals to the customer services and their capabilities, according to Adam Selipsky, vice president, product management and developer relations, Inc: "As with most good ideas, we come at things from two different directions: What do people need, and what can we do well" says Selipsky. "We look internally and ask, 'what do we have built, or what can we build with our world-class engineering talent that would justify creating a business"' (Cone p 51 2007).

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