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Inbox (219) - Chapter 5 Quiz - BA-205-HI @Final exam CH 5-7. Flashcar * Chapter 5 Quiz.docx @BA 1500 Chapter 5 Flashcar Grades -...

What did I do correctly and what did I do incorrectly, also if you can help me with any of the missing numbers that would be great!

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Inbox (219) - apter 5 Quiz - [email protected] exam CH 5-7. Flashcar* Chapter 5 [email protected] 1500 Chapter 5 FlashcarGrades - BA-205-HB2: BUSIChapter 3X(2) Yassuo | TRICK'S ULTIMAX 3SavedHelpSave & ExitSubmitCheck my workRequired informationPart[The following information applies to the questions displayed below.]Ricky's Piano Rebuilding Company has been operating for one year. On January 1, at the start of its second year, itsincome statement accounts had zero balances and its balance sheet account balances were as follows:10pointsCash$ 6, 300 Accounts Payable$ 8Accounts Receivable31, 000Deferred Revenue( deposits)4, 450BookSupplies2, 550 Notes Payable (long-term) 49, 000Equipment12, 300 Common Stock12, 500Land9, 150 Retained Earnings12, 500HintBuildingPrintFollowing are the January transactions:a. Received a $760 deposit from a customer who wanted her piano rebuilt in Februaryb. Rented a part of the building to a bicycle repair shop; $785 rent received for JanuaryReferencesc. Delivered five rebuilt pianos to customers who paid $21,475 in cash.d. Delivered two rebuilt pianos to customers for $10,500 charged on account.Received $8,100 from customers as payment on their accounts.Received an electric and gas utility bill for $600 for January services to be paid in February.g. Ordered $1,120 in supplies.Paid $2,250 on account in January.Paid $15,900 in wages to employees in January for work done this month.Received and paid cash for the supplies in (g).5-a. Prepare an income statement for the month ended and at January 31.5-b. Prepare a statement of retained earnings for the month ended and at January 31.-c. Prepare a classified balance sheet for the month ended and at January 31.Conanswers in the tabs below.< PrevEducationof 8Next >paW?ENG2:11 AM1/23/2019
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