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Investing in Real Estate Written Report UTA Is investing in real estate a good investment or a poor investment?

1) ________ are defined as people who oversee the activities of others and who are responsible for attaining goals in organizations.A) AssistantsB) ManagersC) SecretariesD) InternsE) Apprentices2. The management at Climate Action Development needs to recruit campaign managers for its Renewable Energy Project. They are looking for candidates who are assertive, extroverted, and who can tackle challenges head-on. Which of the following deep-level characteristics should they focus on to best help them recruit the right candidate for the job?A) raceB) ageC) ethnicityD) valuesE) personality3. Anna Jonas owns a manufacturing firm in Indonesia and strongly believes that it is important that workers' rights be respected. However, because of the recent economic meltdown, she makes the management pay workers a wage which is below ethical standards. In addition, the working conditions are below standards because of low investment in safety equipment. She knows her actions are unethical but continues to do so to avoid major losses. Jonas is most likely to be experiencing ________. A) cognitive dissonance B) emotional contagionC) ethical evasion D) self-concordanceE) positivity offset

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