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Need an argumentative essay on Essay1. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages... There are many human concerns and needs that differ with respect to the differen

Need an argumentative essay on Essay1. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Download file to see previous pages...

There are many human concerns and needs that differ with respect to the difference of social values. There are also some general ethics people should be take into account before doing or transmitting any idea/action in society. More the people take care of the needs/concerns ethics of the people associated to their behavior towards a certain matter it will be more easy for the government to give liberty to the people. On the other hand if one will not take into account above mentioned factors than there are greater chances of losing all the freedom he/she has in the society. This principle is applicable from individuals to masses of society. Traffic laws are good example of this principle. If traffic rules are followed strictly by the people there will be less accidents and this will also lead less set of laws to be followed while driving. On the other hand if people do not care about traffic laws and take liberty to do anything they want on roads will lead to more accident and also more strictness by the authorities (Bambenek, 2005). It is the job of government or society to gives its people a minimum standard of living and to provide them maximum civil rights. On the other hand people should take more responsibility of their actions and place less blame on the government for the problems they are facing. Human history is an open prove of the fact that a complete failure had occurred whenever people started placing all the blame on the government instead of taking responsibility to perform certain actions themselves. Throughout the human history many governments have come and gone whenever people rely on the government to meet their basic needs. In USA owing a house is not out of the reach of majority people yet their houses can be taken by the government and given to other people paying more money to the government for the same house. Idea of capitalism failed due to total reliance of the people on their government for every need. On the other hand complete failure also occurred whenever the government had tried to suppress people beyond limits. Failure of different dictators of the world is the common example of it. The conclusion is that one should take into account of moral values of the society before doing anything or promoting ideas that will affect the people of the society to enjoy liberty given to it by society and government (Llosa,2011). 2. Is there a tension between liberty and patriotism? In order to elaborate any relation between patriotism and liberty one should be clear about the concepts of liberty and patriotism. Liberty is referred commonly to the freedom of expression and actions individual takes regarding specific situation or idea. Patriotism is commonly known as one’s love for its country or nation. In other words patriotism is referred to capability of one’s amount of sacrifice for country and nation. Idea of patriotism is promoted all over the world by the governments to keep people under control by making them believe that it is obligation to follow government in order to keep country safe from potential threats and express their love for motherland by making sacrifices of feelings, needs and freedom of speech. Patriotism and nationalism is same thing.

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