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Need an argumentative essay on The cinema of Hong Kong. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism.They are able to share the costs and expenses, as well as able to gain large market coverage in Mainla

Need an argumentative essay on The cinema of Hong Kong. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism.

They are able to share the costs and expenses, as well as able to gain large market coverage in Mainland China

The contents of a film have mixture of elements from the Hollywood and elements from traditional Chinese drama and art, particularly a penchant for stylization and a disregard for Western standards of realism (Wikipedia,

2008). Successfully surviving and competing in the industry since about fifty years, Shaw Brothers is one of the most famous production companies in Hong Kong having more than 80 films to their credit.

Shaw Brothers (HK) Ltd. is the biggest movie production company of Hong Kong movies. The company focuses on investment holding and investments in media and entertainment industries. Activities mainly consist of distributing films and the provision of filming facilities and services.

Sir Run Run Shaw, Chairman of Shaw Brothers (Hong Kong) Ltd., has said "In the film industry, one walks a tightrope, with all its thrills, satisfactions and dangers. That is perhaps why the business of making movies has given me the pleasure, the excitement and the fulfilment which I have always craved" (Sir Run Run Shaw, Movie/TV Marketing, Eighth issue, 1977). Sir Run Run Shaw started Shaw Studios with his vision to produce quality Chinese movies in Hong Kong. This information was found in the company website of Singapore (

Section Two - Informal Learning - 500 words

An important approach to managing the creation and exchange of tacit knowledge is the creation of a shared workspace, or environment, for the elicitation and sharing of knowledge (Smith, 2001). I shared the space with Mr. Wong and his secretary Miranda. By sharing the space I was provided with a chance to undertake knowledge creation.

According to Nonaka, there are two dimensions to tacit knowledge. The first is the technical dimension, which encompasses the kind of informal personal skills often referred to as "know-how." The second dimension is cognitive. The cognitive dimension consists of beliefs, ideals, values, and mental models, which are often taken for granted (Nonaka and Konno, 1998, p. 42). But in my placement case I not only focused at the technical dimension of learning but also gave importance to the cognitive aspect.

Section Three Placement Analysis:

As the production assistant of Mr. Lawrence Wong, my general duties were to assist in some projects he was working on. My work involved assisting Mr. Wong in different stages of film and movie production, from early preparations to finalizing the film. I participated I each step with him from the negotiation of the contract to the final step of shooting and editing the films. My learning process at Shaw Brothers was undertaken according to the theory Y assumptions being presented by McGregor. According to these assumptions:

"The expenditure of physical effort and mental effort in work is as natural as play or rest".

I found it as entertaining and pleasant to gain knowledge at Shaw Brothers as I could have at any other leisure activity.

"External control and the threat of punishment are not the only means for producing effort toward organisational

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