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Need an argumentative essay on The role of a dissertation committee. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file "The role of a dissertation committee" to see previous pages... Indeed, the

Need an argumentative essay on The role of a dissertation committee. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Download file "The role of a dissertation committee" to see previous pages...

Indeed, the dissertation committee "has several critical functions" (Studies, 2006) which is why the committee members are selected with tremendous caution. While the committee initially may serve as an invaluable resource to the candidate during the formulation, research and writing phases of the dissertation,

they also provide important feedback, guidance and maintain that the efforts of the candidate are properly guided. Furthermore the committee is responsible for conducting a formal defense of the dissertation proposal before the student proceeds further. (Studies, 2006) The chair is responsible for ultimately guiding the doctoral candidate into creating a piece that is original and a worthy contribution to their field. The dissertation committee additionally serves the graduate school and the faculty of the graduate school.. This is done by providing the perspective of one who is not a specialist on the quality of the dissertation. Thus it cannot be said that the committee merely assists and represents the student. Their role must not and should not be minimalized as the court in Johnson did.. Note that the judge does not take a position on whether Yale owes a fiduciary duty to Johnson, but allows him to attempt to demonstrate this duty in court. What aspects of the relationship between a graduate student and her faculty advisors might create a fiduciary relationship How does this relationship differ from that of the attorney/client or trustee/beneficiary relationship

It is easy to see a fiduciary relationship based upon the supervisory relation between the student and the dissertation board. What is lacking, however and unlike the attorney/client and trustee/beneficiary relationship is the actual payment of fees for that professionals services. A university is paid for the education, but the dissertation committee is not paid directly. I think that there is a somewhat different relationship. Honestly, the answer lies in what the court of a particular jurisdiction defines as a "fiduciary duty. Internet surfing indicates that fiduciary duty is defined as the trust relationship between two people but notably refers to attorneys as an example.1 While there is a relationship between the student and the dissertation committee, I do not think it rises to the level of fiduciary duty.

In the CPM, read the case Grutter v. Bollinger and answer Questions 3 and 4 in at least two pages.

3.The Grutter majority opinion (like the Gratz majority opinion) applies "strict scrutiny" review to the affirmative action plan at issue. Why does strict scrutiny review apply here What are the components of strict scrutiny review The dissenting Justices also agree that strict scrutiny review applies, but they disagree with the way in which the majority applies strict scrutiny. What is the crux of this disagreement

The reason why the strict scrutiny test is applied is because any issue with regards to race must have more than a mere governmental interest for the government to intervene in any matter, there must be a strong basis and not simply opinion but actual evidence to go with it. These are the components of strict scrutiny review.

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