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Need an research paper on two reading reports wawasan2020and the case for conta mination. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on two reading reports wawasan2020and the case for conta mination. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. Wawasan 2020 This article discussed about the impact of irregular political transactions over the process of global integration and competitive market prices of goods and services. For developing countries that are desperate to improve its economic and industrial development, the government has the option to offer foreign investors with state subsidies, exemption from paying large amount of taxes, and other special treatment and business protection which are advantageous on the part of the investors (Greider, p. 160). Basically, irregularities in government transaction could increase the country’s competitiveness in the global markets.

Malaysia is a country that competes with other countries like the Philippines and Singapore in terms of grabbing more foreign semiconductor projects. For the Malaysia to be able to win semiconductors contracts, Malaysian government is challenged not only to improve the technical know-how of the Malays in terms of manufacturing high-quality semiconductors but also provide the foreign investors with special government protection that could make the business and political environment attractive to foreign investors (Greider, p. 162). Since Malaysia needs to increase technology transfer, Malaysia government protects and makes the export of semi-conductors attractive by offering the semiconductor industry with lengthy holidays from paying taxes, strictly prohibits the formation of independent unions, and maintaining low employee wages (Greider, pp. 164 – 165). This strategy will encourage technology transfer by inviting more foreign investors with more sophisticated technologies to invest in Malaysia.

I strongly agree that the use of good government intervention could enable each country to remain competitive in the global markets. By attracting more foreign investors, the socio-economic problems such as the high unemployment rate in developed and developing countries can be easily solved.

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Greider, William. Wawasan 2020. In Greider, William. "One World, Ready or Not". 1997.

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The Case for Contamination

“The Case for Contamination” is an article that focused on discussing the potential impact of globalization over the culture and beliefs of the Ghanaians. Because of globalization and improvements in communication technology, it is so much easier for a person to travel to other countries and adapt the culture of another nation. In line with this, the president of Ghana has travelled to different places including Oxford University in the United States and London in the United Kingdom where he became one of the Inns of Court (Appaih a).

Promoting the importance of cultural diversity between developed and developing countries becomes a universally accepted strategy that could make the process of globalization a lot easier. However, a lot of countries around the world that chooses to strictly practice their unique tradition and culture are afraid that the presence of Western culture could destroy their traditional values, beliefs, and norms.

Aside from changing the preferred hairstyle of the native people in Ghana, a lot of people started speaking slang, choosing to wear the western clothes as compared to traditional attire, and the gradual acceptance of new religions. It also becomes visible how the way familial relationships are developed changes (Appiah b). Because of high inflation rate in Ghana’s economy, a lot of traditional farmers are selling their agricultural land to business people who are aggressive in promoting industrialization.

The process of globalization has a positive impact over the economic progress of Ghana. However, excessively promoting the need to adapt with cultural diversity could weaken the practice of traditional culture and tradition in Ghana. In order to balance the need to promote cultural diversity and preserve the old traditions in Ghana, the government and parents should make an effort to continuously educate the children regarding the importance of preserving the old Ghanaian tradition not only in school but also within the society.

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Appaih, Kwame Anthony. "The New York Times." 1 January 2006. The Case for Contamination. 7 July 2010 .

Appiah, Kwame Anthony. "The New York Times." 1 January 2006 b. The Case for Contamination . 7 July 2010 .

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