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Need help with my writing homework on Network Infrastructure and Security. Write a 1250 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Network Infrastructure and Security. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Network infrastructure signifies the computer network with the assistance of which data is transferred within the network node. Since the company is merging with a multinational company, virtualization and cloud technology are identified to be crucial for its smooth operation. However, the issue of network vulnerabilities can be recognized as a significant challenge for the company during the course of integrating virtualization and cloud technology.

Additionally, various factors are accountable for network infrastructure vulnerabilities that include password infringement, incorrect systems configuration, and attacks arising from malicious codes among others (Awodele et al., 2012).

&nbsp.The network infrastructure developed for performing data transfer operations through virtualization and cloud-computing technology is associated with different threats that include web threats, phishing, worms, data-stealing, malware, bots, viruses, and spyware among others. The development of virtualization and cloud technology has also raised different security risks in virtual machines (VMs). Security risks in visualization network infrastructure include inter-VM attacks, mixed trust level VMs, and communication blind spots. On the other hand, security threats are also identified in cloud technology which includes resource cloning, data motility, and unencrypted data among others (TrendMicro, 2011).

In this regard, measures are required to be adopted with the aim of ascertaining that network infrastructure vulnerabilities arising in virtualization and cloud technology are mitigated. Measures for mitigating security risks in virtualization include guest OS security, image management security, and hypervisor security. Guest OS security ensures that components and different nodes over a network are secured so that guest OS is protected from security threats arising from network infiltration. Image management security ascertains that VM images are managed, stored, and disseminated suitably.

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