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Part3: Creating Predicate Services Check the ICE_19.

Part 3: Creating Predicate Services

      Check the, and write the predicate service called isNorthOfStreet(int st) This tests whether a robot is north of the street indicated by the parameter st. The method should return true if the robot is north of the street, and false if it isn't.

You should make sure to test your new command by creating the robot on, say, street 2, facing north. You should then ask if the robot is north of street 1(it isn't), if it's north of street 3 (it should be), and if it's north of street 2 (it isn't).

Test it in the main method with code like this:

System.out.println("Is Jo north of street 10?:" + jo.isNorthOfStreet(10));

Once you've done that, create second, similar service to tell you if the robot is south of a given street:

      isSouthOfStreet(int st);

      Make sure to test your new robot out by trying it out in various ways. For example, you might put it on street 5, and try calling isNorthOfStreet(10), isNorthOfStreet(0), and isNorthOfStreet(5).

import becker.robots.*;

class RobotThatCanWalkDownAWall extends Robot


  RobotThatCanWalkDownAWall(City c, int st, int ave, Direction dir, int num)


    super(c, st, ave, dir, num);


  // Your code should go here:

  public boolean isNorthOfStreet(int st)


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