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please do it on time

i want to difreent of these instrction 

This exercise enables you to not only observe and record your own consumption habits, but also to explore the social and psychological factors which may be influencing yours and others’ purchase decisions.

Prior to the next class, you are required to maintain a consumption journal on what you purchase for a TWO day period.  This consumption journal describes the products and services which you purchase and should include ALL products purchased in the two-day period (even a soda from the soda machine).  Descriptions include what products and services are purchased, where the items are purchased, why the items are purchased, and what feelings are associated with the purchase.

An example journal entry would include all of the following information:


            Place of Purchase:

            Items(s) Purchased:

            Brand Name: (for each item)

            Price: (for each item)

            Other Descriptive Information:

            Reason for Purchase:

Steps Taken in Consumer Decision-Making Process:

            Feelings Associated with Purchase:

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