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Please Read All Instructions In Its Entirety! Due May 24, 2017 @ 3:00 PM CST

Observe at least one lesson taught by a certified 5th grade teacher. Look at the learning strategies and activities utilized during the lesson. Make note of how students are grouped during various learning activities.

Speak with a mentor teacher about differentiation. What considerations are taken into account when learning activities are differentiated for the students in the classroom? Based on what you have learned from your observations, address the following questions in a 250-500 word reflection.

  1. What were some of the learning strategies and activities utilized during the lesson?
  2. How were the students grouped during the learning activities?
  3. What types of things are taken into account when differentiating learning activities?

This assignment uses a rubric. Please follow the rubric guidelines....

1. Includes well-formed examples of learning strategies and activities used during the lesson.

2. An insightful statement regarding how students were grouped during the learning activities is included.

3. An accurate account of the considerations for differentiation is included.

4. The content is well-organized and logical. There is a sequential progression of ideas that relate to each other. The content is presented as a cohesive unit and provides the audience with a clear sense of the main idea.

APA format, doiuble space, original work and written in own words. TurnItIn score should result in a 0%

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