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Technology Management Analysis Final PaperStudents will select a specific organization and report on the overall management of technology including technology structure, hardware/software, challenges,

Technology Management Analysis Final Paper

Students will select a specific organization and report on the overall management of technology including technology structure, hardware/software, challenges, etc. (You may select your current organization, but a formal letter of permission should be acquired). Research should be gathered from available interviews with the organization’s IT personnel, organizational publications, and/or other published material. The project is to be individually completed.

Here are the guiding questions for your project.

1. Briefly discuss (1 –2 pages) the role of technology management (i.e., what is the value of 

information technology in strategic planning) in a human service setting. 

2. Review, critically analyze and examine the structure of the organization and its management of technology. Who are the decision makers when it comes to technology management? Is the organization positioned to be a strategic partner? Describe the structure and comment on what you believe are its weaknesses and strengths as it relates to technology management. Be sure to include in your discussion as to whether or not the organization views technology as a partner in achieving organizational goals and aligning their investments in information technology with their efforts to further their mission.

3. Examine the financial aspect of technology management in your selected organization.

Discuss return on investment, budgeting and financial planning of new technology in your 

organization. Evaluate whether the government (i.e., Medicare, Medicaid) plays a role in your organization’s technology management decisions. Describe ways that your organization finances its technology.

4. With the ever changing of technology for organizations the ultimate goal of technology management is to achieve organizational strategies and enhance customer service. Is this goal of technology management being achieved in your selected organization? In your explanation, be sure to analyze from a variety of organizational perspectives and draw verifiable conclusions.

5. If you were an outside consultant hired by the organization or agency to analyze the 

organization’s technology for efficiency and effectiveness, what recommendations, both 

structural, strategic and tactical would you make to

the senior management team and/or board of directors? Do you recommend outsourcing the IT management? Why or why not?

This paper will be an in-depth analysis of technology management on a selected organization. The student will apply the Saint Leo University core value of Excellence and professional Human Services standards and ethics (CSHE) in working with technology management that best informs an understanding of the analysis. This paper must be between 12 -15 pages, typed 3and double-spaced. (12 pages of content are required). Graphs and visuals may be included but do not count towards the content pages. Correct spelling, grammar, sentence structure is imperative. References must appropriately cited with a reference list included. Paper must follow the American Psychological Association (APA) format. 

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