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The following questions refer to glacial features formed through deposition. Depositional features include: Moraines (All types) Drumlins Eskers...

Stratified drift

Please use Figure 13.13 on page 342 (Whitewater, Wisconsin topo) in answering the following questions:

9. What is the contour interval of the map?  Is the topography of this map characteristic of continental glaciations or alpine/mountain glaciations?

10. Describe which direction the ice flowed over this region. Cite your evidence for your answer.

11. What kind of glacial lakes are Blue Spring Lake and Spring Lake (near Palmyra), and how did they form (Refer to Figure 13.9 on page 338 for help) ?

12. In the southeastern corner of the map, the forested area is quite hilly and littered with small lakes, hills, and depressions.  What specific type of depositional feature is the forested area?

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