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Create a 10 page essay paper that discusses Global company analysis.Download file to see previous pages... The launch of the first transistor radio was in the late 1950’s, although it was not the fi

Create a 10 page essay paper that discusses Global company analysis.

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The launch of the first transistor radio was in the late 1950’s, although it was not the first of its kind to be invented. it was however the first to be marketed out to the general public. Sony corporation has been a publicly traded company since 1958 (Akio Morita 1986). At the beginning they relied heavily on investors to help fund and operate the company. As well as the use of non-traditional marketing tools such as the hiring of regular spokespeople to use Sony products within the general public and asking them to try it. Sony managed to stay ahead of its competition by being the leaders of innovation in the electronic market. They focused their energies on inventing rather than market research, bringing the latest and newest products out on the market before there was a demand for it. Such inventions included the portable cassette player known as the “walkman”. Besides being well known for its quality in personal recording and storage devices, Sony Corporation is also the leader of quality sound systems used in major motion pictures. It is a well known global company, which offers a variety of products around the world. Sony is subdivided in two sections. The Sony Corporation is the holding and electronics portion of the organization and the Sony Group which is branched out into other sectors, such as computer, motion picture and music entertainment. ...

distribution reports showed total revenue of $88,205 billion U.S dollars and according to Forbes, Sony’s current stock exchange rate is $27.58 U.S dollars, which is down by 2.30% since last year. Although the company has seen a decline in overall revenue in 2008, there has been a slow increase in sales in 2010. The sale of video gaming consoles and systems as well as the entertainment industry continues to be the company’s largest source of income. The company’s overall goal is in maintaining their reputation as leaders of technological advancements throughout its global structure. The company was originally founded on the Japanese principals of creating a “family like” atmosphere by preserving strong relationships between management and the employees. However, as the company expanded its resources on the international scale, keeping in line with the same values and principals becomes a challenge. Akio Morita believes that the only way for a company to be successful is by its people. (Akio Morita 1986). This is the value that Sony tries to uphold throughout all its global sectors. The Sony Corporation human resources department is actively involved in group wide initiatives to help new recruits as well as existing members in enhancing their abilities and skills in order to become successful within the company. They are continuously working at implementing global strategies in order to maintain a unified goal. The Sony Group’s global initiative in developing business leaders is an important asset to the company’s overall success. In 2008, Sony implemented “global talent directors” (Sony website), their job is to seek out and train potential recruits into business leaders. To help maintain company unity, Sony also launched a job rotation program.

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