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Topic:  the effects of organizational culture on employee performance and productivityFor Assignment 1, you will submit your first draft of the literature review using a minimum of 10 sources gathere


the effects of organizational culture on employee performance and productivity

For Assignment 1, you will submit your first draft of the literature review using a minimum of 10 sources gathered over the weeks. The purpose of conducting and writing a literature review is to provide an evaluative discussion of the existing research related to your proposed study and gathered thus far, highlight the gaps that remain in the literature, and establish a context and theoretical basis for your study.

As you begin writing this draft of the literature review, consider the following guidelines:

  • You are writing to inform/educate your audience. Who is your audience? How much do they know about your research topic?
  • You are trying to convince your audience you are competent as a researcher, dealing with your topic and proposed research question. You do this by evaluating and integrating/synthesizing the literature, by examining and naming the patterns existing among the articles, and by discussing the studies you consider strongest within the body of literature you have reviewed.
  • You also do this by stating clearly in the beginning your research topic and your proposed research question, a succinct statement of the significance of this topic and question--and, as always your purpose for writing this literature review and your map of the themes/major concepts you intend to evaluate and synthesize.
  • You identify the weaknesses and/or gaps you found in the literature, as well as the researchers' suggestions for additional research. A weakness or a gap may be small; for example, a certain population may not have yet been researched for your topic.
  • You give clear credit for direct quotes and ideas not original to you. Be overly cautious to avoid plagiarism, using Turnitin as a form of feedback that you have done this well.
  • A perfect literature review does not exist in a first draft. Submitting a first draft provides you with feedback from your instructor, and it supports your efforts to perfect your literature review .
  • Many writers of literature reviews concentrate on the body of their literature review first and then write the introduction and the summary near the end of their writing. This can be useful, if you are absolutely clear about your purpose for writing this literature review and have your research question clearly written and in front of you, as you state and develop your themes.

make sure to do the following:

  • Begun with an introduction that showed the significance of the topic as well as its historical context and/or how it fits in the broader scholarly literature in this field, while also clearly stating the research topic and the research question [in question form], your purpose for this literature review and the map of the major themes that will form the body of the paper.
  • Integrated and evaluated the literature, dividing the body into the patterns you have found within the articles you reviewed. Note: You should have a minimum of 10 articles for your review, shown on the Reference page; at least 1/2 should be empirical studies, indicated by using **.
  • Discussed which studies you considered stronger and your rationale
  • Identified the gaps in the literature and the suggestions for future research, mentioned by researchers.
  • Evaluated and synthesized the literature you chose.
  • Given credit for direct quotes and ideas not original to you, using careful quotation and citation format, as needed.
  • Avoided plagiarism, cautiously and judiciously.
  • Ended with a summary that restated the purpose and map, while giving an overall evaluation of what you considered the most important elements of this review.
  • Used spell check to review the first draft and proofread after using spell check.
  • Had another reader review your paper, possibly out loud, with you carefully listening for the clarity and sense making.

Requirements for paper:


12 pt. Times Roman or 12 pt. Courier


Minimum of 1” for top, bottom, left, and right margins


10–14 pages



Paragraph Indents:

5–7 spaces; 1st line of each paragraph is indented

Page Numbers:

In Arabic numerals in upper-right-hand corner; first from right-hand edge of page

Reference Page:

Must follow APA format

Title Page:

Must follow APA format

here are six of the 10 sources:

Achim, I. M., Dragolea, L., & Balan, G. (2013). The importance of employee motivation to increase organizational performance. Annales universitatis apulensis: Series oeconomica, 15(2), 685.

Adeoye, A. O., Kolawole, I. O., Elegunde, A. F., & Jongbo, O. C. (2014). The Impact of Organizational Climate on Business Perfomance In Lagos Metropolis. European Scientific Journal, ESJ, 7(26).

Fu, W., & Deshpande, S. P. (2014). The impact of caring climate, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment on job performance of employees in a China’s insurance company. Journal of Business Ethics, 124(2), 339-349.

Harwiki, W. (2013). The influence of servant leadership on organization culture, organizational commitment, organizational citizenship behavior and employees’ performance (study of outstanding cooperatives in East Java Province, Indonesia). Journal of Economics and Behavioral Studies, 5(12), 876-885.

Muogbo, U. S. (2013). The impact of employee motivation on organizational performance (a study of some selected firms in Anambra state Nigeria). The international journal of engineering and science, 2(7), 70-80.

Sarmawa, I. W. G., Suryani, N. K., & Riana, I. G. (2015). Commitment and Competency as an Organizational Citizenship Behaviour Predictor and its Effect on the Performance. International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management United Kingdom, 3(1), 1.

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