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Week 2 post 2 review minimum of 150 words apa format

Week 2 post 2 review minimum of 150 words apa format


According to our text MS project software is an advantage to companies to organize a project because it is able to monitor and control the project schedule, cost, and resources. This project software is only a tool that was created to help managers in finding overallocations and reprioritize activities. The project manager sees this as a great advantage because it is able to save them the most time. A major disadvantage to this software can be the price. While the software is a great tool it does not come cheap. Another disadvantage to using the MS software is file conversion. While the software has the capability to convert certain other programs it does not have the capability to convert all programs. The MS project software is a great tool, the features that is possess are a great advantage for project managers. This disadvantages to the software is very minimal and should not hinder one from getting the software for their organization (Kloppenborg, 2015).

WC: 163

Kloppenborg, Timothy (2014). Contemporary Project Management (3rd ed). Mason, OH: Cengage.

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