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1.       About the Project Charter

1.1  Project Authorization

The primary purpose of the project charter is for the allocation of resources and authorization to commence work. A project’s charter is typically evaluated against others and only select projects are authorized to proceed. Therefore, the charter should properly highlight the benefits of the project as well as potential risks. 

1.2  Audience

The intended audience of the project charter is the decision makers who will allocate resources to the project.  However, many others in the organization typically see the project charter as well including project team members, direct and indirect stakeholders, and staff in related groups and departments.  The author should keep these additional viewers in mind when writing the charter.

2.       Project Overview

2.1  Executive Summary

<The Executive Summary should provide a high level summary of the project in one page or less with text or visuals as needed>

Write Short and sweet

3.       Project Objectives and Expected Benefits

Objective 1 – <Enter the Objective>

<Describe the objective in more detail>

Objective 2 – <Enter the Objective>

<Describe the objective in more detail>

Objective 3 – <Enter the Objective>

<Describe the objective in more detail>

4.       Project Detail

Problem Description

<Describe the problem that is being addressed >

Identified Root Causes

<Describe the root cause(s) of the identified problem>

Proposed Solution

<Describe the proposed solution using visuals, charts, etc>

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