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Writing About a Controversial Subject

In the discussion forums for this course, you've had the opportunity to read and respond to a variety of controversial topics: immigration, stereotyping, and civil disobedience. In this assignment, you will write an argumentative paper based on any of these topics.

Take your own premise--whatever premise you offered in our discussions throughout the course--and expand on that idea throughout this piece of writing. Or, you may develop a new premise, tying all topics together, and using the articles as supporting evidence.

Note: If you used a previous response to inform your Researched Argument Paper, you cannot use the same topic again.

Your essay should contain the following:

  1. a clear thesis and introduction
  2. two or more points supporting your position
  3. at least one point of contention
  4. a refutation of each opposing viewpoint
  5. and a conclusion

You can review the articles from the discussion forums, but no external sources/research should be included.

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