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Write 1 page thesis on the topic the-corporation: the pathological pursuit of-profit-and-power by joel bakan.

Write 1 page thesis on the topic the-corporation: the pathological pursuit of-profit-and-power by joel bakan. 1. Review chapter 4, and identify quotes or examples that illustrate or relate to the key concept.&nbsp.

" The fate of entire corporate empires could depend upon marketers abilities to get children to nag their parents effectively. "With McDonald's," for example, says Hughes, "parents wouldn't be going there unless their child nags." Chuck E. Cheeses? "Oh, my goodness," says Hughes. "It’s noisy, and there are so many kids. Why would I?” (Bakan, page 120)

Studies demonstrate, however, that exposure to the shows increases students product evaluations and desires to buy the advertised products, and also fosters consumer- related attitudes of materialism, results that may be partly explained, according to one study, by the "implicit endorsement of these products by the schools, that is, by permitting them to be advertised in school."" Corporations become involved with schools for the same reason they do everything else to promote their own and their owner's financial interests. "If there's a cardinal rule in preparing sponsored material, "states Ed Swanson of Modern Talking Pictures (an educational marketing company), "it is that it must serve the needs of the communicator first." "The kids were reaching are consumers in training” (Bakan, page 129).

2. Explain the concept to your peers - its meaning/relevance and any connections you see to previous concepts, claims, or information from previous chapters.&nbsp.

Influence is the power to affect someone’s belief that is will lead to a physical change. The two quotes above offer a classical example of the importance of social influence on business. The television set is a major contributor to the influence gained in order to make a business boom. Measuring influence, from a media perspective, is continuously gaining momentum up to date. For example, Mc Donald’s makes it a necessity for children to eat their burgers at this place, so they nag their parents to take them there. The adverts on the television target the children which in turn force their parents to purchase what the child wants. These commercials seem to be grooming consumers for the future.

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