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Write 2 page essay on the topic Steps towards Securing an A.Steps towards Securing an A Getting an “A” is no longer for those students who are bright. it all depends on how one plan school work

Write 2 page essay on the topic Steps towards Securing an A.

Steps towards Securing an A

Getting an “A” is no longer for those students who are bright. it all depends on how one plan school work. This paper is going to discuss step by step procedures and strategies that on can develop in order maintain an “A” and the challenges involved in holding on to ones “A”. It will focus on five steps: getting organized, absorbing information, doing homework, preparing for tests and making grade-A decision.

Getting organized involves coming up with a to-do-list. This will enable one know which assignments are due, the ones that have been completed and will also enable one to be organized. One should also organize study materials to make them easily available and finally making up a study schedule.

The second step, absorbing information, one should understand learning styles that will enable one get the best out of a lecture. Develop the culture of reading book even if it is monotonous and boring. Read while revising until the concept is well memorized. Take notes while reading and highlight main points for easy future referencing. Avoid late night studies because they exhaust the brain depriving it the capacity to recall things and finally participate in class sessions.

Homework should be done immediately after school. Homework constitutes important assignments that are set on end of term examinations. They should therefore be taken seriously with one seeking guidance and help from friends.

When studying for test, study with a friend. Use memory tricks like mnemonics to trigger information that is hard to stick. Study in place that are comfortable and also change study environments. This is because the brain associates environments with learning. Avoid cramming for it only enables temporary storage of information. Finally, take enough rest and adequate sleep after reading, this boots brain-retention capacity.

Finally, one should make the efforts of attending all classes and lectures. It is during them that important announcements are made. Also, by attending classes, one gets credit for that. Keep track of previous grades and performance since they act as benchmark and a motivator. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet, especially breakfast to enable one focus well in school. Engage in games that improve ones memory, for instance, Sudoku, crossword puzzles among others (Brien, 2000). During exams time, choose questions that are easy and won’t consume a lot of time. Finally, work hard to be a top achiever and don’t fear being a top achiever.

As to conclusion, securing the “A” that one already has is challenging. As one moves from one academic level to another, degree of hardness of the same subject increases and one is forced to increase time taken to study. Maintaining grade “A” requires commitment, which might draw one away from people leading to poor social life. Finally, maintaining constant grade “A” require wide reading. This means that one should have access to variety of reading materials which may not easily be available.


Brien, L. (2000). How to get and maintain good grades at a college or university. (Canadian ed.). Dayton, OH: Woodburn Press.

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