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Write 23 page essay on the topic Discussion on the Current situation of Inner Mongolia franchise hotel industry in marketing and strategy aspect.Physical data of each hotel is first presented after wh

Write 23 page essay on the topic Discussion on the Current situation of Inner Mongolia franchise hotel industry in marketing and strategy aspect.

Physical data of each hotel is first presented after which the perception of the interviewees would be presented. This would however, not be individually presented but the outcome as a group would be presented. Super8 This is a part of the chain hotel with 136 rooms in Inner Mongolia. Three employees from different managerial levels could be interviewed. The headquarters is in charge of the hotel management while daily operations rest with the manager appointed by the headquarters. They are positioned as a high class hotel and cater to the segment that has a relatively high taste for accommodation, according to the AGM but the FOM and the cashier believe that they are positioned in the industry as a hotel that caters to the price-sensitive customers. The AGM and the FOM consider their neighbors as their main competitors but the cashier considers hotels with similar price structure to be the main competitors. Hailiang Hotel Only the Sales Manager from this hotel could be interviewed. They have 660 rooms and the franchisee require room space and room number. Their main competitors are the hotels that belong to the same star category. They are positioned as a hotel with interests in group and business segment. They are in the Group accommodation franchise model. Haixia Hotel This independent 110 room hotel does not belong to any chain and is an independent hotel with the voluntary chain franchise model. The General Manager, who was interviewed at this hotel, claims that they have no competitors. They maintain excellent relationships with other hotels in the area as they share market information and business groups. The GM declined to answer how they have positioned themselves in the sector. Hua Chen Hotel Hua Chen is a part of the regular chain with 149 rooms and 3 restaurants having a total of 550 sites. Their competitors are those that belong to the same category. They have positioned themselves as a 4 star hotel focusing on the mining business customers. Iron Bull Hotel The Sales Manager of the Iron Bull Hotel with 268 rooms considers Erdos holiday hotel and Erdos Dong Shi Days Inn as their main competitors. They follow the regular chain model and consider themselves as an upscale hotel in Erdos. Phoenix Hotel Two marketing representatives and one sales representative from this hotel were interviewed. They have 280 rooms and the franchisee has no requirements. Their main competitors include Inner Mongolia hotel, Jinjiang hotel, Shangri-la hotel, holiday hotel and Kingshidom hotel. They focus on the upscale independent business traveler. They are a part of the regular chain of the Air China Group and they target the business and conference groups as their primary target and the tourists as the second target segment. The franchised hotels follow certain strategy based on various factors. The responses of the interview have been categorized under different headings to evaluate the success of the franchised models. Factor for success The interviews were open-ended which revealed several factors, opinions and perspectives. Thus, to the question on which were the factors they considered as critical to the success of the franchised operations, different hotels came up with different perspectives. The factors ranged from location, pricing, service, clean environment to overall management and training of employees. Some also pointed out the relationship with the travel agents and the local government is critical to the

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