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Write 3 page essay on the topic Critique : Neil Postman'sTechnopoly and Raysa Leer's Rethinking the future of learning: the possibilities and limitations o.Download file to see previous pages... Invis

Write 3 page essay on the topic Critique : Neil Postman'sTechnopoly and Raysa Leer's Rethinking the future of learning: the possibilities and limitations o.

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Invisible technologies include polling mechanisms, statistics, and I.Q scores while visible technologies include computers and television (Leer &amp. Ivanov, 2013). Neil Postman divides culture into three kinds. technocracies, technopolies and tool using cultures. In tool using culture, tools were developed to solve particular and urgent problems of life. In addition, they were invented to serve a symbolic world of myths, politics, religion, and art. Neil Postman asserts that in tool using technology is not perceived as independent and is subject to the judgment of some binding religious or social systems. In technocracy, the religion and social custom control the society. Further, society is driven by the desire to invent. However, it does not have much influence to society like technopoly. In technopoly, Neill Postman argues that people look for all forms of cultural life to different types of technique and technology. Additionally, Neil Postman believed that citizen affairs are best directed and performed by experts and subjectivity is perceived as an obstacle to thinking (Postman, 1996). Neil Postman argued that traditional information no longer has a place in the modern world. Therefore, people should turn to bureaucrats, social scientists, and experts who, assisted by computers, manage massive data. Technology essential since it is superior to ambiguous, complex and lax human reasoning and judgments. Further, is a means and end of human reasoning and creativity because the concept is overcome by the objective of getting information for its own sake. In turn, lack of cultural coherence characterizes Technopoly (Postman, 1993). Raysa Leer's Raysa argued that data acquisition is any procedure of formulating and collecting raw facts. The drive of data gathering is to acquire material, to keep a record, to reach conclusions on significant matters, or to administer the materials to others. However, data are collected to give information on a certain topic. Unlike in the past, today technology is widely applied in scientific data collection and learning as discussed below. Raysa asserts that technology in learning is essential since it provides a platform for acquisition of information. Web-based surveys allow operators to plan an analysis that they can then administer through an internet connection. Similarly, online questionnaires are innovative and unavoidably growing methodology is an Internet founded research. This involves getting an e-mail with an address that takes you to a protected web site to complete a questionnaire. This form of research is usually a quicker and a simpler method of acquiring both qualitative and quantitative data. It is also more cost effective than administering surveys manually. This method also increases data entry accuracy by reducing duplication of entries and reduces omissions (Leer &amp. Ivanov, 2013). A precise and comprehensive inventory of all technology and software should be the foundation of this aspect of data analysis. You need to make sure you go beyond computers and consider all forms of technology available. Your analysis should address data, video, and voice.&nbsp.An analysis of accessible software is also significant. You could have a varied collection of software, but if it is simple software, it may hinder you from accomplishing your technology goal. In data analysis, you are searching for any breach between where you are and where you want to be (Postman, 1996).

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