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Write 4 page essay on the topic Metropolitan Museum Art.Download file to see previous pages... Sarcophagus Depicting a Battle between the Soldiers and Amazons (Warrior Women) The marble sculpture, wit

Write 4 page essay on the topic Metropolitan Museum Art.

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Sarcophagus Depicting a Battle between the Soldiers and Amazons (Warrior Women) The marble sculpture, with dimensions of 40 ? x 91 ? x 50 ? inches, was created by Romans in 140-170 AD to serve as the final resting place of a Roman military commander. The exterior walls of the sarcophagus are decorated with a battle scene between soldiers and Amazons, the legendary warrior women of the ancient world. As described in one of the pages the official website of the Museum of Fine Arts entitled 100 Highlights of the MFAH, the military soldiers wear helmet, short tunics, and body army. and are equipped with swords and round shields. The Amazons, on the other hand, ride in horses with their companions lying dead on the ground. The outcome of the battle is depicted in the four corners of the sarcophagus—with the military soldiers waving the Amazon’s weapons like claimed trophies and the Amazons kneeling with their hands bound behind their backs. On the other hand, the lid of the sarcophagus is designed in the shape of a Roman temple, with fine rows of vertical tiles that end in the heads of the lion. Its edges are ornamented with round shields. For the next portion of the discussion, I will share my insights about the artistic elements that constitute the artwork. After which, I will move on to a thematic analysis of the artwork. First, I like to focus on its overall form. The exterior design of the sarcophagus is a Roman temple, as observed in its lid and body. For the lid, it is apparent that it follows the intricate and carefully adorned roof of a Roman temple. The sophistication of the roof’s design is evidenced by the round shields that are placed on its edges. the heads of the lions that are situated on the roof panels. and the wavy-shaped ornaments that are positioned at the center of the roof. For the body, the warrior figures serve as its primary design. The various battle situations depicted in the sarcophagus further add to its dramatic feel. Taking the discussion from a visual to a perceptual point-of-view, it is obvious that the artwork, through the use of various artistic elements like movement and texture as delivered by the wavy lines and round-shaped ornaments, is able to successfully capture: firstly, the liveliness and the brutality of the battle. secondly, the triumph of the Roman warriors against the Amazons. and lastly, the greatness of the Roman race in general. It is important to take these three interrelated concepts to better understand the main theme of the artwork. Now, I want to delve into the theme. While the triumph of the Roman warriors over the Amazons is strongly and clearly depicted in the sarcophagus, the choice of female warriors slightly indicate a deeper message. Since the Romans are known to embody racial pride and aggressiveness, the choice of female warriors further elevates the appreciation of their courage and impeccable fighting skills. Thus, the choice of Amazons as opponent indirectly expresses the Romans’ ruthlessness and penchant for victory. Furthermore, the use of a Roman temple helps in immortalizing both the warriors depicted in the artwork and the Roman commander for whom the sarcophagus is constructed. In much deeper sense, this technique allows the shifting the people’s perception of the characters depicted from mortal persons to immortal gods. Pablo Picasso’s Guernica The Guernica is one of the most notable works of Spanish artists Pablo Picasso in 1937.

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