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Write 9 pages thesis on the topic virtual and collaborative teams organization.

Write 9 pages thesis on the topic virtual and collaborative teams organization. The virtual teams are highly operative in every big business today and they serve for many purposes resulting in profits (Plump 54). This paper will talk about the various challenges and barriers that can take place due to the virtual teams. it will also talk about how these teams are managed and what are their implications.

The nature of teams has been changed as the advances in networking, communication technologies, and the expansion of the global economy significantly took place. Organizations have become more distributed cross-geography and across industries. Relationships between stakeholders in the organizations and those previously considered external stakeholders such as suppliers, customers, and communities are becoming increasingly important. Organizations have discovered the value of collaborative work and are forced to change work processes. Hence, today there is a new kind of work group virtual team made up of people who communicate electronically through several modes such as social media. In these teams, members hardly see each other in person and at times, they never meet at all except in cyberspace (Wise 87).

A virtual team is defined as a group of individuals who have links strengthened by networks and communication technology to work across geographical and organizational boundaries. These teams work together to accomplish their goals and organizational tasks. These members do not meet in actual. they usually communicate electronically and carry out their tasks. Communication between organizations and people become easier through the electronic devices and mediums. A large number of members can be included and ideas can be shared and discussed. Organizations are allowed to trade, communicate, and create better relationships despite geographical boundaries (Wise 88).

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