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Write a 22 page essay on Computer Networking Management.Download file to see previous pages... As there is continuous progress in information technology, we move further and further into becoming a pa

Write a 22 page essay on Computer Networking Management.

Download file to see previous pages...

As there is continuous progress in information technology, we move further and further into becoming a paperless society, and there is increased need for people to be connected to large networks to be able to exchange data just as quickly as when handing a piece of paper to another person. This can be achieved by connecting groups of computers in a network, so that the data can be accessed immediately by various when data is entered into one computer, no matter the distance from the originating computer. There is quite a lot of work involved in networking, including a lot of math, from equations to basic problems. This paper discusses the issues around the setting up a computer network and its management.

A computer network is a connection of two or more computers in order to share resources and data. These shared resources can include devices like printers and other resources like electronic mail, internet access, and file sharing. A computer network can also be seen as a collection of Personal computers and other related devices which are connected together, either with cables or wirelessly, so that they can share information and communicate with one another. Computer networks vary in size. Some networks are needed for areas within a single office, while others are vast or even span the globe.

In the vastly technological en...

Most companies employ a network administrator or manager to oversee this very important aspect of the company's business. This is a significant position, as it comes with great responsibilities because an organization will experience significant operational losses if problems arise within its network.

Computer networking is a discipline of engineering that involves communication between various computer devices and systems. In computer networking, protocols, routers, routing, and networking across the public internet have specifications that are defined in RFC documents. Computer networking can be seen as a sub-category of computer science, telecommunications, IT and/or computer engineering. Computer networks also depend largely upon the practical and theoretical applications of these engineering and scientific disciplines.

Computer networking also involves the setting up of any set of computers or computer devices and enabling them to exchange information and data. Some examples of computer networks include:

Local area networks (LANs) that are made up of small networks which are constrained to a relatively small geographic area.

Wide area networks (WANs) which are usually bigger than local area networks, and cover a large geographic area.

Wireless LANs and WANs (WLAN &amp. WWAN). These represent the wireless equivalent of the Local Area Network and Wide Area Networks

Networks involves interconnection to allow communication with a variety of different kinds of media, including twisted-pair copper wire cable, coaxial cable, optical fiber, and various wireless technologies. The devices can be separated by a few meters (e.g. via Bluetooth) or nearly unlimited distances (e.g.

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