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Write a 4 page essay on Corporate Crime.Download file to see previous pages... They have often been identified as restructuring the economy and their shareholders and the political institutions of a c

Write a 4 page essay on Corporate Crime.

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They have often been identified as restructuring the economy and their shareholders and the political institutions of a country. Therefore, it is crystal clear that the corporate firms control the important sectors of a country and as such, any change or issues affecting the corporate companies will certainly distress public life. Considering this context, the study of corporate crimes has an elite role in determining the dominant factors that channelize human life. What is Corporate Crime? When one attempts a study on the topic. Corporate Crimes, one has to keep in mind the fact that it is topic which needs a broad research and a systematic study. Even a mere observation will unveil various types of corporate crimes which really makes the study extensive. As the study is extensive, many have attempted to define corporate crime. Sally S. Simpson (p.6.) of University of Maryland, in Corporate Crime, Law and Social Control, identifies “corporate crime is [as] a type of white-collar crime.” Simpson also acknowledges Edwin Sutherland who regarded corporate crime as the “criminal activity by persons of high social status and respectability who use their occupational position as a means to violate the law” (Sutherland, 1949). ...

Corporate crimes have been identified as the deliberate attempt of the companies aimed to injure the public more than street crimes in many ways: economically, socially, physically and environmentally (Corporate crime). But the notable thing regarding corporate crimes is that these criminal violations come under civil and administrative law, and as such, penalties include fines but not imprisonment. Various industries have formed and implemented their own laws and they control their employees by themselves. Corporate crimes are many and varied that one can find it negatively affecting the proper growth of a corporate firm. As it is committed by individuals for their personal gain corporate crimes may cause great loss for the employers. Many have identified the most common form of white collar crime as the employee steals from the employer who cheats customers and pockets the difference. An overview of the corporate crime reveals three types of crimes namely. corporate violence, economic corporate crimes and white collar crimes (Corporate crime). Corporate crime involves various kinds of crimes. Corporate violence includes three types of crimes such as, violence against workers, violence against consumers and corporate pollution. This is quite alarming to note that “6 million workers injured on the job in the US and 10,000 people die in the workplace from injuries and 10,000 from long term effects of occupational diseases” (Corporate crime). Violence against workers is irresponsibility of the corporate executives in arranging occupational health and safety standards which are inevitable for assuring the life security of the workers.

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