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Write a 5 page essay on The Holocaust.Download file to see previous pages... The state of Germany led by Adolf Hitler killed six million individual from the Jews community between1933 to 1945. Since t

Write a 5 page essay on The Holocaust.

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The state of Germany led by Adolf Hitler killed six million individual from the Jews community between1933 to 1945. Since the Holocaust years, it is 50 years down the line but relevant questions are still being asked by not only the Jews community but also the international communities across the globe. “How could a modern state carry out the planned murder of a whole people just because they were Jews?” (Rossel, 12). It is also a perturbing issue since the whole world watched, as six million innocent souls were murdered in cold blood. In addition, it is even hard to find an individual who can give an explanation of what really happened? In spite of having the survivors of the holocaust, by then they were children. Giving an ear to them to explain is like history in pieces. But as time goes by historians give clear description of the Holocaust. It is indeed strange to hear politicians and professors reports claiming that there is nothing like years of Holocaust. On the other hand, the social scientist can claim that sacrifice by blood is ridiculers’ thing, since it impossible to encounter a group of individuals who can do such an act in such a long period. Furthermore, the politicians may claim that Holocaust story was told by the Jews community, as a plot or for evil reasons. ...

Weiss describes that the writing of Luther as “more obscene than even Hitler’s Mein Kampf” A unique brand of the fascisms in Germany was as a result of the waiving out of the nationalism which was peculiar as it was introduced in Germany that came with the revolutions, capitalism with enlighten and the 20th Century war that were fused together. In addition, it is still moot to explain the extent at which the Holocaust covered, but studies that have been done locally show that the Germaine’s were attracted to the anti-Semitism since they were drawn to be part of the Nazism but not the anti-Nazism. It is therefore obvious that the anti-Semitists power was in the Holocaust. However, the anti-Semitists in Germany resulted to different situations as well as having unique outcome compared to the anti-Semitist in other countries with the same characteristics, Christianity was at bay. Between years 1933 to 1945 there was a concentration camp since the beginning, they were founded with an aim of holding political prisoners and they were later used to hold the “asocial”. However, there were high death rates that were recorded with 50 percent rate of the mortality rate which were not meant to be or be centers of killings. While 1942 was approaching Germany had 6 extermination camps and they were large in size. There was a difference in the concentration camps since individuals who were sent in the 6 camps were killed. The camps continuously became a site where the Jews and the POWs were brought to their death dates. A part from being killed they were forced to be slaves, laborers, torture and were as well undernourished.

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