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Write a 6 page essay on Organization Theory & Design.Download file "Organization Theory &amp. Design" to see previous pages... The company has been able to sell its product on a worldwide basis, becau

Write a 6 page essay on Organization Theory & Design.

Download file "Organization Theory &amp. Design" to see previous pages...

The company has been able to sell its product on a worldwide basis, because the products are easy to use, and do the job that they are touted for, but the company's culture also spells professionalism. No company in the world that has accomplished as much as Dell has could do so in a 'fly by night' manner.

This success speaks volumes for the company's leadership.

The leadership, from top to bottom, is composed primarily of individuals much like Mike (and in this case not the one who can dunk a basketball). Observing these individuals through the company's website is a lot like looking at men, and a couple of women, who dress and portray the image of professionalism. Each, with few exceptions, is wearing a suit and tie, or similar fashions for the women, and conservative white shirts.

Whether this perception is reality, or whether the leaders of the organization are truly as professional as they seem and if that professionalism carries over to the rest of the employees is a question that can, and cannot be answered by observing the company's website.

The question can be answered if the professionalism of the website itself is an example of how the company is conducted and managed. This particular website is easy to navigate, has very few grammatical or spelling errors that would seem to imply an "I don't care' attitude, and with the website's professional look the impression that is created is one that Dell cares enough about how it is perceived that even such items as the website shows care and diligence.

On the other hand, the website is only a picture of a certain segment of the organization itself, and even though it is a relatively clear and unambiguous picture, it could portray only what the company wishes to portray. That seems to be the less than likely scenario, although one that needs to at least be considered.

Another telling factor in being able to discern a professional environment at Dell, is the massive amount of growth mentioned earlier in the paper. There is very little likelihood of one man creating a small company in 1983 and within less than 25 years watching that company grow to $50 billion in sales every year.

There is very little likelihood of that happening unless, of course, there was a fair amount of professionalism found within the company. That type of environment feeds upon itself, with most individuals emulating those cohorts that they come in constant contact with. As new employees enter the scene, they tend to emulate what they see, adhere to the standards already set, and follow the guidelines (written or unwritten) that they perceive. Therefore. professionalism begats more professionalism, which begats more professionalism, and so on and so on. The environment then becomes a self-fulfilling proponent of success (at least in Dell's case).

Much of this professional attitude must start from the top and filter down, which says a lot concerning Michael Dell and his executive staff. The executive staff and the leaders at Dell have control of the company and seem to realize what a responsibility that control is.

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