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Year funds are redeemed / sold Deferred sales Charge Within the first Year 964 In the second Year In the third year In the fourth year 3:46 In the...

Last year, on February 1, 2018, David purchased 1,000 shares in a mutual fund called Amazing Growth Inc. for $6.30/share. The investment did well, and he was very impressed with himself. As he needed the money to pay for his tuition and rent, he sold it on March 28, 2019 when the share price hit $14.25/share. His investment broker however advised him not to sell (especially as the fund was a back-end loaded fund). 

a) What is the cheque amount that David will receive for the sale of these shares?

Year funds are redeemed / soldDeferred sales ChargeWithin the first Year964In the second YearIn the third yearIn the fourth year3:46In the fifth year7:4`In the sixth year196After the sixth year
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