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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on application for admission in institution.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on application for admission in institution. Coming from a very small village, Sualkuchi, situated in the eastern suburban area of Assam, India, I, Nebil Ali, 19 years old, was destined to come to America at the age of 14. My father, working in a silk weaving industry as a hired wage weaver, is paid only Rupees 200 a month. Living in a family of 6 members, where there is only one man who is earning, becomes tough. I remember when I was 7, a handsome man, well dressed in a plain white shirt and jeans, used to come to our village for the inspection of silk weaving factories. He saw me with my father in the factory and smiled at me. It was as if fate smiled at me. That day my life changed completely. That kind-hearted man sponsored me and sent me to America for education. It has been a long time since then, and he has been sponsoring me until now. I have graduated and he is still willing to pay for my further studies. Soon I will have to do another job which would give me a better salary. I know for this I would have to work day and night and I am willing to do so. I am eager to learn, to get knowledge from your institution under the guidance of your staff. I am well aware of the fact that 21st century is the century for specialists and intellects. that is the reason why I am seeking your kind approval of my admission in your institution, so that I could improve my skills and expertise in the field of my study in order that in the near future, I could not only help my family live a better life but also work for the betterment of my brothers, sisters and parents who are living in the backward societies. I was lucky enough to come out of that place but now it’s my turn to prove myself and do something for my family and change their lives as well.

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